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Reggie believes Super Mario 3d World,Smash Bros,Mario Kart will be top ten selling games across platforms this gen

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime is supremely confident about the forthcoming Wii U software lineup. Reggie even went as far to say that he personally believes Super Mario 3D WorldSmash Bros, and Mario Kart will be in the top ten selling games across all platforms this generation. During the interview on GameTrailers, Reggie also announced that the company may have something special to share at this year’s VGX awards in December.


Hideki Kamiya says porting Bayonetta to Wii U before release of Bayonetta 2 “doable”

After earlier reports circulated that Hideki Kamiya wanted to port the original Bayonetta to the Wii U, Kamiya has now said that it would be doable before the release of Bayonetta 2.  Ultimately, it’s up to Nintendo to decide whether or not to port the game over to the system. Are there any upsides for Nintendo if they do decide to port the original Bayonetta to the Wii U?

We can. RT @lightningboltac If Nintendo decided to release Bayo1 on WiiU, will u be able to port it in time before Bayo2′s release? Or later

Super Mario 3d World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds out now

Several Nintendo products were released today. Super Mario 3D World is out now on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U, while both The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Mario Party: Island Tour have launched in the eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Also arriving today is The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Nintendo 3DS XL console, which includes a download code for the full game. Which Nintendo items will you be getting today?

Hideki Kamiya wants original Bayonetta on Wii U

Hideki Kamiya, director of the original Bayonetta, wants the game to be released on the Wii U.  When asked about it, he said that while they really want to release the game for the platform, ultimately the decision is up to Nintendo. Platinum Games is currently developing Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U and no release date has been announced. As a Wii U owner, would you like to see the original Bayonetta released on the system as a lead up to Bayonetta 2′s launch?

“As I’ve told u before, we want to release Bayo1 for WiiU, but that’s what Ninty decides. So ask Ninty.” – Hideki Kamiya

Wii U estimated lifetime sales lowered to 25 million units

DFC Intelligence is releasing a new forecast on December 3rd in which they predict that the Wii U will reach global lifetime sales of 25 million units, only a quarter of what the Wii has sold, which passed 100 million units worldwide as of this year. These numbers would put the system closer in lifetime sales to the Gamecube, which sold 22 million units during its lifetime. In response to questions about whether it was a right move for Nintendo to release three big holiday titles in the midst of next-gen system launches, analyst David Cole had this to say:

“I think Nintendo is carving out a different audience. I think that being said it is the right strategy. The audience they are going after is not the ones that Sony and Microsoft are going after. Right now they need to go after Nintendo fans first. They should have done that last year but better late than never. So in answer to your question it is the right approach but really Nintendo now is just trying to do as well as the GameCube so they have a base to sell first party software.”

Independent analyst Billy Pidgeon agreed and added some two cents of his own.

“For the bottom line, console launches drive hardware, software and accessories purchases not only for the new hardware but for older hardware as well. Value added bundling, price cuts and highly anticipated new software for older hardware can boost sales of older systems during a fourth quarter retail period with one or more new console launches. Xbox 360 made big gains in hardware and software in 2006 as Wii and PS3 launched, and PS2 made hardware gains and maintained relatively high attach rates in 2005-2006, particularly during Q4 when Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 launches were underway.”

One thing that will be interesting to observe this upcoming year is how the PS4 and the Xbox One do after the holidays. This is the first generation where game consoles are launching into a recession, and as gaming hardware and software become harder to afford, will it significantly affect the gaming market? Do you think that Nintendo is taking the right strategy with the Wii U, or is too little too late? With a very solid 2014 lineup, this holiday season may be just what the system needs to regain some of their momentum.

European Super Mario 3d World launch trailer released

The European launch trailer for Super Mario 3D World has been released by Nintendo. Although it begins in a rather cheesy manner, the trailer showcases many the playable characters in the game as well as many of the power-ups found. Super Mario 3D World has been lauded by critics and has even reached the top selling spot on Amazon in video game sales, despite the game not being released yet. The game launches in North America on November 22nd and in Europe on November 29th. What do you think of Nintendo’s launch trailer for Super Mario 3D World in Europe?

New Dragon Quest western names trademarked

Square Enix has registered a couple of trademarks which concern the immensely popular Dragon Quest series. The western trademarks are Luminaries of the Legendary Line and The Seeds of Salvation. It should be noted that all Dragon Quest games were revealed through trademarks first, so this is positive news. Could the Luminaries of the Legendary Line and The Seeds of Salvation trademarks be used for Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest VII’s Nintendo 3DS remake, or Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D?