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Sakurai is working on Smash Bros hitboxes and damage rates all by himself

Famed Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained to Polygon that he has personally been entering in all the data for fighter skills and hitboxes for the forthcoming entry on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Sakurai says he has tried giving this task to other people on the team, but he doesn’t feel it has always worked out. Sakurai clearly says that he doesn’t want to ship an incomplete game so it ultimately results in a huge workload for himself.

“In all previous Smash Bros. games, I’ve entered in all the data for fighter skills and hitboxes by myself, and it’s quite nearly that way with this game too. I’ve thought about leaving this work to others and I’ve actually tried it once or twice, but it hasn’t worked out. I don’t want to release an incomplete game, and I want everything to be as successful as possible, but it results in a massive amount of work for me. It’s a big problem, but there are reasons for doing it this way.  Characters’ in-game balance and features are something that I’m thinking about from the start while coming up with motions. If I left that to someone else midway, that’d make things more difficult. It’s faster and more accurate to just input the numbers myself than try to explain it in words to somebody.”